Jack of all trades, Master of one

//24 May 2019

Recently I submitted and defended my Master's thesis in physics. It was a glorious moment and you should feel bad you missed it.

Minimalism? Try being poor

//2 February 2019

Minimalism has fallen victim to hype, like many other concepts. A term like this has an origin and a niche following, then it becomes trendy. More and more people have their spin on it and want to label themselves as such.

Group trip, or forty physicists in a Bavarian castle

//3 October 2018

This note is for people who know me and wanna see what I’m up to, and/or for anyone interested in German physicists’ culture of going to group trips. Feel free to skip it otherwise.

Interface communication

//10 November 2017

A realisation hit me as I opened my text editor to write some lines. There’s a peculiar breed of communication which proves greatly satisfying for certain people. I’d call it “interface communication”.

The spirit of convivir

//2 April 2017

In Spanish, the verb convivir broadly means "to live together". A more nuanced translation could be "to live together in harmony" or even "to coexist". As most people, I've had my fair share of convivir.

A laser fairytale

//30 March 2015

Some time in 2015 I had this vision for an enlaserment website, where I would organise and present my freshly acquired knowledge on lasers. Now, that wasn’t a bad idea per se, but evidently I wasn’t equal to the task yet.

On explaining things simply

//17 November 2014

You surely have heard the quote misattributed to Einstein about explaining scientific ideas. It varies in wording but the message is the same: if you can’t explain it in a simple way, you don’t understand it well enough yourself.