Inside the cocoon

Dessy Daskalova
Dessy Daskalova
PhD Physics student, RWTH Aachen
Sensor Technology, AMO GmbH
ResearchGate //

The most secure I’ve ever been in my career choice was when 4-year-old me decided to become a palaeontologist. But you know how it goes: my obsession with dinosaurs died all of a sudden, as if hit by an asteroid.

In primary school I fell into what I later learned is called an existential crisis and couldn’t decide between becoming a pianist, a writer and an aeroplane pilot.

Then, physics came to the rescue. It seemed the most magical and powerful of all sciences. Like a manticore flapping wings of multicolour photons and piercing ignorance with its sting of truth… well, at least sometimes.

So here I am – an apprentice manticore tamer i.e. physics PhD student. This site started as a place to write interesting, well-researched notes on physics. Turns out that’s a very daunting target to aim for. Now it’s a collection of ramblings on physics, technologies, the Web, education and life, among other topics I like to tinker with. Yeah, you may call it a blog.

I hope you enjoy it and find it useful in some way. Comment under the notes or email me* dessyd (at) protonmail (dot) com your mythical creature taming techniques, sentiments and cerebrations. Cheers!