Be cool

//9 September 2019

People always look their coolest when they just do their thing and don't care if they look cool. Genuinely don't give a damn, not this stuck-up snob/rebel act one puts on when in need of attention. No sunglasses and leather jacket or their equivalent – be it flowery language, technobabble, trying too hard to look effortless.

Like what I am writing right now. Super uncool, isn't it? It would look much better to have a post here on some new exciting technology or maybe an attempt at a snarky comment on current events. Yet I can bet this short note will resonate with most readers more than anything I could write about any oscillator.

I enjoy reading technical blogs. Sometimes I find a solution to my problem in them, or a nice overview of a topic, or useful links, whatever. But mostly I enjoy the spontaneous observations and opinions jotted down there, the "uncool" stuff they didn't spend hours (or weeks) to craft.

Keep on keeping on, be cool.

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