Privacy is such a lonely word

//14 October 2019

As a person who never used any of the major social networks, I’m probably the wrong one to judge them. It has been done to death anyway. Mind you, I am not a total privacy freak either – I enjoy communicating online, especially in emails, forums and blogs. Then where does my aversion to the big social networks come from? After all, forums were (are) also notorious for toxic discussions, off-topic banters and proliferation of junk content.

Minimalism? Try being poor

//2 February 2019

Minimalism has fallen victim to hype, like many other concepts. A term like this has an origin and a niche following, then it becomes trendy. More and more people have their spin on it and want to label themselves as such.

Interface communication

//10 November 2017

A realisation hit me as I opened my text editor to write some lines. There’s a peculiar breed of communication which proves greatly satisfying for certain people. I’d call it “interface communication”.

The spirit of convivir

//2 April 2017

In Spanish, the verb convivir broadly means "to live together". A more nuanced translation could be "to live together in harmony" or even "to coexist". As most people, I've had my fair share of convivir.

On explaining things simply

//17 November 2014

You surely have heard the quote misattributed to Einstein about explaining scientific ideas. It varies in wording but the message is the same: if you can’t explain it in a simple way, you don’t understand it well enough yourself.